Klieme Eckhard Klieme, Eckhard R. Lucius, Erwin Zabel 1999:

Report of the 9th IBO 1998 in Kiel (English and Russian)

The report on the 9. International Biology Olympiad 1998 in Kiel is present on English and Russian. It contains the opening speeches for the meeting - took part to 33 the nations -, a detailed representation over the development and evaluation of the tasks, the program, the theoretical and practical examination tasks as well as their results of the Biology Olympiad.
The report on the 9. International Biology Olympiad 1998 in Kiel is available on English and Russian.

Zabel Erwin Zabel, Annett Hartmann, Eckhard R. Lucius 1999:

Tasks from Seven International Biology Olympiads (German)

The available book contains the tasks of the first six international competitions in Olomouc, Makchachkala, Poprad, Utrecht, Varna and Bangkok as well as the ninth competition in Kiel. The type of the task shows the development of classical knowledge questions (partially in the multiple choice system) up to biological problem definitions by all areas of biology: anatomy and physiology of the plants and animals, cell biology, behavior biology, genetics and evolution, ecology, systematics and microbiology including the biotechnology. The solutions of the tasks are indicated.

Campell Neil A. Campbell, Jane B. Reece, 6th edtion 2002:


This book is a fairly clear and concise book that deals with the subject of biology. It contains 8 units which are: The Chemistry of Life, The Cell, Genetics, Mechanisms of Evolution, The Evolutionary History Of Biological Diversity, Plant Form and Function, Animal Form and Function and Ecology. Each of these units presents its subject matter in a series of easy to understand chapters. All in all this book is 55 chapters and 1175 pages of interesting biological topics. This is a sourcebook for an overview of biology. The chapters get deep enough into each subject matter to leave the reader feeling filled with knowledge. A great buy for a high school student, a college student, or just a person who wants to know a little bit more about biology.