1st round at schools

(in coordination with the deputy of a federal country, usually beginning in May of the year before the IBO):

All pupils, who are talented and motivated in the subject biology, can participate. They should be in a position to independently go about solving biological problems. The solving of the tasks of the 1st round serves to pre-select at minimum the 250 best participants for the 2nd round.

Evaluation: The solved tasks are to be corrected by teachers at the schools. The results are announced to the deputies of the federal states, who pass them on to Kiel - with respect to the deadline under specification of name, the sex, the school address and the class level in the school year 2003/2004. The deadline varies depending upon summer holidays in the federal states, no later than at the beginning of September of the year before the IBO. The deputies are to be contacted when there is any doubt.

Acknowledgement: The participants of the 1st round receive a certification and an evaluation sheet. In addition, the winners receive the tasks for the 2nd round in a closed envelope.