2nd round at schools

(in coordination with the deputy of a federal state, usually in October/November of the year before the IBO):

The winners of the 1st round are to solve theoretical tasks from all areas of biology in the context of an two-hour examination under supervision of a subject teacher. The solving of the tasks of the 2nd round results in the selection of the ca. 45 best pupils for the 3rd round in Kiel. To learn more about the tasks of the 2nd round you can download example tasks with solutions as pdf-document in German (491 KByte) here.

Evaluation: The deputies receive the examinations from the subject teachers and correct them. They announce the results (paying attention to the deadline) to Kiel at the beginning of December of the year before the IBO. The deadline varies depending upon autumn holidays in the federal states, no later than the third November week. The deputies are to be contacted when there is any doubt.

Acknowledgement: The participants of the 2nd round receive certificates and evaluation sheets. The winners receive an invitation to the 3rd round. The national winners are honoured separately.