International Chemistry Olympiad in Kiel a Great Success


The public were able to follow events during the Olympiad by means of an exhibition which was held in the Sophienhof, Kiel’s largest shopping mall and which was attended by approx. 40,000 people per day. Giant posters offered up-to-date information on what was happening and up-to-the minute pictures of the Olympiad were on show.

The German participants of the Olympiad gave the subject Chemistry good promotion at special meetings. They demonstrated one of the tasks from the practical paper which involved ascertaining the properties of a superconductor. Using the original apparatus, the Olympiad competitors performed this experiment with the help of Dr. Christian Näther, who had devised this task in cooperation with Dr. Sabine Nick. During the Olympiad, the “Young Chemists” Group of the University of Kiel spent one whole day performing chemical experiments with relevance to everyday life. Both the exhibition and the two special events were well attended by an interested public.

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