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Photos of the IChO 2004


Monday ¬ July 19th
Opening ceremony Album pdf [4.5 MB]
Participating nations Album pdf [1.8 MB]
Kiel rallye Album pdf [3.2 MB]
  Tuesday ¬ July 20th
Excursion to the North Sea Album pdf [2.9 MB]
  Wednesday ¬ July 21st
Practical examination Album pdf [1.3 MB]
Jury Meeting Album pdf [0.6 MB]
  Sunday ¬ July 25th
Visiting the sailing camp Album pdf [2.6 MB]
Arbitration in groups Album pdf [0.9 MB]
  Monday ¬ July 26th
Closing ceremony Album pdf [2.9 MB]


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  Sunday ¬ July 18th
Arrival at Hamburg airport,
  at Kiel railway station / Kiel ferry
  Transfer to IChO (university)
Mentors Hotel Maritim Kiel
Students Verwaltungsakademie Bordesholm

  Monday ¬ July 19th
Everyone Opening ceremony of the International
  Chemistry Olympiad 2004 in the lecture hall of Kiel University
Mentors 1st Jury meeting (evening)

  Tuesday ¬ July 20th
Students Full-day excursion to the North Sea
Mentors Translation of practical exams

  Wednesday ¬ July 21st
Students Practical exam
Mentors Excursion to an open air museum (morning)
  2nd Jury meeting

  Thursday ¬ July 22nd
Students Full-day excursion
Mentors Translation of theoretical exams

  Friday ¬ July 23rd
Students Theoretical exam
Mentors Full-day excursion to Luebeck

  Saturday ¬ July 24th
Students Full-day excursion
Mentors Correction of theoretical exams
  Excursion opportunities

  Sunday ¬ July 25th
Students Full-day excursion to a sailing camp
Mentors Arbitration of the results
  Excursion opportunities
  3rd & 4th Jury meeting
  Business meeting

  Monday ¬ July 26th
Everyone Sightseeing of the city and harbour of Hamburg
  Closing ceremony at the CCH in Hamburg (Awarding the medals)
  Banquet & party on the Museum Ship "Cap San Diego"

  Tuesday ¬ July 27th
Departure Transfer to Hamburg airport
  Transfer to the railway station or ferries in Kiel

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students , mentors and guests .

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