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This page provides information on the congresses organized by the World Federation of Physics Competitions.

List of congresses

9th Congress 2020 Ohrid Lake, Macedonia planned for September 2021
8th Congress 2018 Vienna, Austria Program (pdf, 414 kb) invitation flyer (pdf, 183 kb)
Report (pdf, 532 kb)
7th Congress 2016 Banten, Indonesia Program (pdf, 104 kb) invitation letter (pdf, 138 kb)
Report (pdf, 741 kb)
6th Congress 2014 Singapore Program (pdf, 207 kb) invitation letter (pdf, 232 kb)
5th Congress 2012 Nijmegem, Netherlands Program (pdf, 396 kB)
4th Congress 2010 Baške Oštrije, Croatia Program (pdf, 178 kB) Information (pdf, 206 kB)
3rd Congress 2008 Halong Bay, Vietnam Program (pdf, 16 kB)
2nd Congress 2004 Groningen, Netherlands
1st Congress 2002 Pacung, Indonesia

Note: In 2006 a general meeting was held in Singapore to discuss future directions of the WFPhC.

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