General procedure

Who can participate?

All young people attending high school in the year of the IBO can participate. These are usually pupils of the secondary II level who are not older than 20 years.

What can one achieve?

Every participant gets a certificate in each round. In the third round the prizes are book coupons. In addition, research practical courses in different nations are awarded. In the fourth round there is a monetary prize (500 €) or support from the German National Merit Foundation.

Which occurs in the 1st round?

The tasks in the 1st round may be processed with science literature at home. For the qualification to the 2nd round one need not have solved all tasks correctly.

Who checks the results?

A biology teacher at the school corrects the work of the 1st round and passes the results on (name, sex, school address, class level in the spring of the IBO, achieved score) to one of the deputies of the federal state. The deadline is the 20th of September in the year before the IBO. The deputies announce the results to the IPN.