3rd round at the IPN in Kiel
- at no costs for the participants

(at the end of February of the year of IBO):

The best 45 pupils of the 2nd round are to be able to solve theoretical and practical tasks from all areas of biology under examination conditions. The 3rd round takes place at the end of february of the IBO year and serves to select the 10 best pupils both for the 4th round and for the preparation of the International Biology Olympiad.

Evaluation: The examinations are corrected at the IPN. The evaluation of theory and practice takes place in the ratio of 1:1.

Acknowledgement: Beside the certificates, all participants receive book coupons (valuing 75 �). The ten best ones are invited to the 4th round. Research internships are given to young people particularly eligible for promotion.

New fact: Since 2003 a Science Olympiad of the European union (EUSO) is being organized for particularly young pupils every year in April/May. 15 to 16 years olds in the 3rd round of the selection procedure for the IBO can qualify.