Kieler Hafen

Kiel - a city with many faces

Kiel as harbour city (2/5)
The long tradition of being a shipping and harbour city has moulded the flair of the city centre. The 17 kilometre –long fjord reaches up to the medieval city centre. The water is in the heart of the city – scenic, economically and emotionally. The huge passenger ferries, modern harbour area, the cranes reaching up to the sky and extensive dockyards are immediately noticeable and mould the city centre. Exactly this sight is the best expression of their special feeling for their city for 240.000 Kieler citizens. With fresh Kiel air in your lungs enjoy the green city with its parks, beaches and the urban flair of street café.

Kiel is the point of departure of the Kieler Canal, reaching from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea and the Canal itself is one of the most frequently sailed man-made waterways of the world.

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